I Had A Friend Commit Suicide Essay

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Oblivion isn’t what scares me; it’s not the loss of my own life in which I fear it’s the loss of the lives around me. Even more than that I fear people dying before I get to tell them how much I love them. Death has always been a very emotional and personal experience for me. As a curious soul with stubborn ways death has always been hard for me to grasp and accept. I have such an overwhelming amount of compassion that it’s hard for me to cope with death.
I’ve always been sensitive to death whether it be family members when I was young or characters in movies, but there’s one death in particular that always will stand out.
My senior year of high school, March 24 2013, I had a friend commit suicide. Now don’t get me wrong Matt wasn’t my best friend: we didn’t hangout on the weekends, we didn’t text each other outside of school, and we never ate lunch together at school. Though Matthew and I weren’t extremely close, in a sense we had grown up together. Matt and I went to school together from kindergarten to our senior year of high school. Sharing small classes together from the time we were 5 to 18, it’s hard not to form a bond with someone and consider him or her a friend.
The Friday before he died I had shared a conversation with him in the hallway before we spilt for class. We laughed and teased each other and hugged goodbye, not knowing that hug and that conversation would be our last. If I knew then what I know now, that hug goodbye was goodbye for longer than just a…

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