Personal Essay: Should We Best To Deal With Death?

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I myself find myself uncomfortable with being around death but readily available to do so. I have planned a funeral in the past of someone very close and dear to me and was not ready to lose such person. Since that occurrence it has made me realize whether comfortable or not with the topic it is best to be prepared. I was recently asked to be the power of attorney of two close family members because they believe I can best handle such circumstances. I personally feel that when tough situations like death arise you need to deal with them head on because avoidance causes more emotional turmoil in the long run.
As for my beliefs about after death, I am religious. I believe how we are on earth will determine where we go in our after life; heaven
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Especially since we all have our own beliefs I believe it is the guardians’ responsibility. I too hope if I was ever put into the life of a child who was facing imminent death I’d create as much positivity as possible. That would definitely be a difficult situation. As for research on afterlife, I find it interesting and think it should continue.
Hello Gabi,
I too felt less uneasy reading the research and it further affirmed information regarding how best to help people facing death. It’s all varying of course situation to situation but I hope to be able to support my loved ones as they face death hopefully much later in life. I too am interested in hearing about the further research on afterlife.
Hello Avery,
Losing a pet can be just as painful as a loved one at times because of the close bond you have. I can understand how it would be difficult believing in an afterlife given what scientific information is currently available. I too feel I can get very emotionally attached and would have difficulties working in a career where death of children was dealt with regularly. I admire you for volunteering in such a place because spending time with those possibly facing death is important in bringing some positivity into their life. Thanks for sharing your

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