I Enjoyed Writing For Writing Essay

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I enjoyed writing for Assignment 2 Reflective Weblog. Even though the whole process is quite challenging for me, I believe that this experience will be really useful in future days. I think the biggest challenge is understanding a topic and form a strong opinion about it. Researching and a lot of reading is needed to understand the topic really well and then only I can form a strong opinion on that topic.
Time management is really important. Some topics require more reading and deeper understanding so I should have started writing for my assignment 2 earlier every week as the whole writing process takes longer to finish. In a few posts, gaining a deeper understanding is difficult, resulting in fair writing performance.
Writing comments is a challenge. Due to difference in writing topics (different chosen buildings), providing an insightful opinion is difficult due to lack of knowledge on that building. However, reading their writings was ever interesting as I learnt a lot of useful information and also new discoveries.


My writing skills have significantly improved over the past few months. Throughout writing the posts for Assignment 2, I have read and research on many different topics. Some topics were more difficult to understand than the other. The quality of my writing was heavily influenced by this factor. I realized that if I have sufficient knowledge and I can understand the topic really well, I can write better.
The lectures were always…

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