I Don 't Make Our Move? Essay

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She didn 't even look...


She walked into court as if it was the easiest thing for her.


So what do you think?
Should we make our move?

I don 't care what you do.
Do anything you want.


I want to be alone.

I don 't want to speak out of turn, but seeing you like this...

It 's like that time when you couldn 't walk.

You were ready to give up.

I can 't let you go back there.

Tell me what to do.

Cosmo, do you want to help?

Find the bastard who ripped my family apart, so I can finish him off!

Do you mean Dr Kruger?

You said you were closing in on him!
Where is he?

He 's at a farm not far from here.
He 's keeping a low profile.

Dammit, Cosmo!
Find that bastard...

and bring him to me!

In short, they want a complete facelift - a new look to go with a new era.

It won 't be easy changing people 's attitudes.

Their campaigns have always been super-conservative. They 're willing to pay a lot to make it happen - in excess of five million.

Then what are you waiting for?
Sign them up!

Typical CEO!
All you care about is the bottom line!

Lucky for me,
I have a hardworking team.

- Do you get me?
- What are you doing?

Just because we work together, doesn 't mean you can overstep the boundaries.

- What are you talking about?
- In future, just keep your hands to yourself.

I barely touched you.
No need to make a big deal of it.

Just keep your distance. I don 't want your wife jumping to the wrong conclusions.

- She doesn 't have a say in my life.

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