I Don 't Know What You Wear Essay

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Elle knocked on her older sister’s bedroom door, her stomach in knots. Cait opened the door in a state of partial undress, appearing in a pair of nice khaki slacks, a black bra and a purple towel wrapped around her wet hair.
“‘Sup?” Cait lazily asked.
“I don’t know what to wear.” Elle scratched her arm nervously, obviously agitated and still wearing her pajamas—a baggy, unwashed t-shirt and gym shorts from middle school.
“Mom said to dress for the weather,” Cait said as took down her towel crown and began to vigorously dry her hair. She then followed her younger sister into the latter’s closet. “It could either be really hot or really rainy.”
Elle fidgeted again, lowering her voice, “But, like, I don’t know what to wear. I mean, is this like a funeral or something?” Leaning against the bedroom door, Cait sighed. “Nah, probably not. I mean, they already had something for him three years ago. I’d just dress comfortably; we’re going into the mountains.” Hopping around, Elle attempted to pull up her waterproof pants. Her feet kept getting caught in the fabric and caused her to lose her balance a few times. She would have looked comical if she hadn’t suddenly stopped and looked at Cait in horror. “What if Dad gets angry if I’m not wearing something nice? What if he’ll be in a bad mood?” Her eyes were wide as she waited for an answer for her older sister. Although Elle was eighteen and a senior in high school, she still somewhat had a childish quality about her.
“He can…

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