I Don 't Know What It Is? Essay

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“I DON’T KNOW!” he shouted.
“Ok, it’s okay,” Dr. Early soothed. “You don’t need to know what it is, okay?”
Sniffing, Johnny tried turning away, only to be faced with Roy and Joanne looking at him sympathetically.
“I wanna go home, wanna be with mom and da,” he plaintively said.
Allowing Joanne access to Johnny, Roy watched as Joanne gathered him in her arms.
“Honey, I know you want to go home. I know you wish your mom and dad were still here. If I could, I’d make things better for you. So would Roy and Doctor Early,” she soothed as she rubbed his back. “This is your home know though and I can promise you that Roy and I will be here for you. We will watch out for you, help you out, okay? We care so much about you.”
Sighing, Joanne didn’t know what else to say and from what she could see, both Roy and Doctor Early weren’t very comfortable dealing with this burst of emotion.
“How about we just take things one by one, okay?” she suggested after the tears had slowed and almost stopped. “We’re almost done with the tests the doctor needs to run and after that, you can rest up. How does that sound?”
Nodding slowly, Johnny allowed himself to be laid back down on the bed. Rubbing his eyes, he didn’t look up at anyone.
“It’s okay to cry and get mad,” Roy told him, sensing his embarrassment.
“Really?” John asked skeptically.
Why is it okay? Other elders who look like you hate when I do… thought Johnny as he tried hard not to glare at the man whose name he couldn’t remember. How I know…

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