I Didn 't Know ( And What It Means? Essay

2624 Words Oct 10th, 2016 11 Pages
1. One word I encountered that I didn’t know (and what it means):
One term that I came across that I did not know was unflinchingly. After researching the word I found that it meant, “steadfast or unflattering” as defined by Dictionary.com. This made me have a better understanding of how the truth commission in Timor-Leste was not going to halt in holding Indonesia responsible for the death of between 100,000 to 180,000 East Timorese civilians by intentionally starving them to death.
2. Main argument of this article:
The main argument of the article was to how certain truth commissions were assigned specific type of cases to look over, such as disappearances and how to view international actors who supported those with arms and training during the bloodshed. Certain countries such as Argentina, Uruguay, and Sri Lanka had their truth commissions focused solely on the disappearances in order to clear up the gaps where people went missing and tell the victim’s families the truth of what happened to them. These restrictions put on the truth commissions made it easier for them to find out the information since they were being asked to look at one crime. The reason why countries wanted to do this was to fill in the gaps in their history about where people went, which would help with restoring the country finally knowing the truth of what occurred to their people. Certain countries, such as South Africa were concerned with finding out the truth of gross human rights violations,…

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