Essay on I Did Not Know About Teaching Reading

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At the beginning of the semester I rated myself pretty low, I did not know much about teaching reading. I gave myself a score of a weak two out of five, the reason is because, as I said I did not know the first thing about how to teach literature to young kids. Many of the objectives we had I did not understand. How could you expect to teach literature if you, do not understand it. I did not know how to be a critical, creative thinker or an effective communicator. My only experience of working with diverse learners was the one day I went to East Ridge and was in the classwork, working with the children. I would not count that as a lot of experience because it was for two hours. I knew you had to use technology in reading, but I did not know how to integrate it into the classroom. Maybe the only two objectives I rated myself high in was the life-long learners and stewards of the profession, because I have been learning about this for the past year in my classes.
As for the ethical and professional dispositions I rated myself a bit higher, because I felt like I had a good standing with them all, I do have an expectation that all students can learn and are vital to the learning community. I did believed, I displayed sensitivity to students’ needs, as well as strongly working with my peers and teachers to advance learning. I did have a good sound of judgment as well as promoting ethical and professional standards in teaching, learning, and research. The only one I rated kind of…

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