I Conducted With A Police Department Essay

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My focus, during the interview that I conducted with a police sergeant at a local police department, was on a program within a school district that is aimed at anonymity and rewards to help with problem solving, but it is also providing a community service and helping in deterring crime. The program is a crime stoppers program where people are able to call in and give anonymous tips, if an arrest or seizure is made, then these people are able to collect a reward for their tip. Overall, it is a great program, great enough for the city police and the school district police to each have one that is independent from one another, yet work together hand in hand.
After hearing what my interviewee had to say about the program, I would have to say that the program affects two different areas of concern for law enforcement. First, the program appears to be a community oriented policing program. Community policing requires help from the community. Police recognize that they cannot solve all of the problems of the community and encourage interactive partnerships to help solve the problems. The police and the community become partners in addressing problems of disorder and neglect (Somerville, 1994). The second is through problem solving policing where law enforcement is identifying and solving specific problems such as drug sales. I believe that this program incorporates both of the above mentioned areas of policing. Because not only is it directed at particular problems, but because it…

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