I Chose For My Formative Speech Essay

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The process of doing an audience analysis involves being able to identifying and adapt in order to able to present the information to an audience properly (Adler, Rodman, & du Pre, 2014). In understanding the audience a speaker has a better awareness of how to approach the subject without alienating them. Being able to adapt to the environment allows for a better way for the speech to reach the audience. Also allows for the speaker to decide in what form they wish to present the information. Such as whether to start with a joke, personal story, or ask their audience a question to break the ice. Although, the speakers own personality indicated how the information is shared.
The topic that I chose for my formative speech is the Pixar theory. The Pixar Theory is a fan theory that connects all of Pixar Animation Studios films. The audience seems to have a general idea of what the topic entails but may not know how it all connects to one another. The theory has become fairly popular on the internet. Therefore, there is high change that there are individuals who already know it. So, I may just be reestablishing information that they already know or I may shed some light on they may not understand. There would be a variety attitudes form the audience on whether they would believe the movies are telling one enormous story. In addition, their attitudes could be dismissive if some members of the audience may already know the information that I stating. Some of the expectations the…

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