I Chose For My Final Project Essay

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Hello everyone, For this week 's forum is regarding the quality of the articles that I chose for my final project. Most of the journals that I found for my final presentation are peer reviewed. Peer reviewed journals are articles assessed or appraised by one or group of experts; articles deserved to be publicized (Jewell, 2015). Also, most of the journals have strengths and weaknesses to determine the relevance or usefulness of the study. Therefore, a critical appraisal is necessary to identify the strong points and limitations of a journal to determine the effectiveness and value of the result of the study( Young & Solomon, 2009). One of the significant articles that have a relative strength and few limitations is the journal from
Shizheng et al. (2015) "Taichi exercise for self-rated sleep quality in older people." The strength of the study: The research is peer reviewed and utilized systematic, and meta-analysis randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in English (4 databases) and Chinese (4 databases). The research based on the PICO format (Population, intervention, comparison, and outcome.
Population: The considered critical quality appraisals with a large sample size (470 participants). The sample size of the study was allocated equally into two groups.
Intervention: Regardless of the different styles of Tai Chi; it is the only exercise in improving the sleep quality (Shizheng et al., 2015).
Comparison: For the eligibility of the study, the research…

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