I Can 't Go Home For Break Essay

2061 Words Dec 14th, 2016 9 Pages
“I can’t wait to go home for break,” that’s all I’ve been hearing the past month here at Geneva College. “Home,” a term I’m not even sure I know the true meaning of because I was raised in two of them; at the same time. My parents got divorced when I was 5 years old so the world of growing up with two Christmas’ and having to always let me friends know which house I was at when they were invited over, was normal to me. I had two blood sisters, three step sisters, a step brother, and a half-sister, and I was never ashamed to tell people that. My life felt normal to me. But what never felt “normal,” was my home. My two decently sized houses with lots of property. My two well decorated and well kept up homes. My two families that loved me unconditionally lived inside these walls and yet I still didn’t feel like I belonged. One thing that always bothered me was my freedom, or rather, my lack of it. I knew my parents loved me but I never understood why they wouldn’t let me stay out late at night like the other kids, or go to parties as long as they knew I was safe, or let me stay over boys’ houses; all the things I did anyway.
In High School I became a compulsive liar. I constantly lied to my parents about where I was and what I was doing because they wouldn’t have approved of any of my choices. My choices to drink, do drugs, and have sex. My senior year of High School I spent every weekend drinking alcohol in someone’s basement and getting drunk until I woke up the next morning…

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