Essay on I Can 't Be The Only One Old Enough For Remember Butch

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I can’t be the only one old enough to remember Butch.

He was the menacing toughie from the Little Rascals who wore a scowl on his face and ended each sentence with the words “get me” punctuated by a finger poke to the chest. In reality bullies aren’t that funny (or defeated as quickly as stuffing a firecracker down the pants). Still, he illustrates a point: Schoolyard bullying is a problem that hasn’t gone away. Last Wednesday I went to Decatur’s “Hot topic” presentation, and it quickly became apparent —we don’t have a good solution either.

The effort was a commendable but half-hearted discourse in trying to address parent’s concerns. It was supposed to show how administrators try to create a “bully-free zone” in the classrooms. But it also exposed a Principal uncomfortable with the request and motivated mainly through duress when she commented on the lack of turn out by openly criticizing, “A lot of parents asked this, and look how many are actually here.”

The guest speaker was a woman named Hope Horenstein who, according to the flyer, was a “licensed clinical professional counselor in private practice.” She spoke calmly and gave a kind of calming head nodding sympathy when listening to questions. In general, she was a pleasant blend of caring grandmother and seasoned psychologist. Over the last two years, she’s met with the Decatur kids five or six times. She begins with the older grades and works her way down. This is a paid position, but it was suggested to be not…

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