I Can Show Issa That Christians Also Love Peace Essay

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I can show Issa that Christians also love peace. I can ask questions about Islam and answer any questions about Christianity. Since I know her culture is about peace, I don’t have to be overly concerned about heated disagreements. We can express our thoughts freely.
Educational Systems
Issa takes education very seriously; it is extremely important to her. Education is the reason she is in the United States. When she went to school, “education in The Gambia [was] costly experience for most citizens. Girls are assisted by the government in paying their school fees” (Government of Western Australian Dept of Local Government and Communities Office of MultiCultural Interests, 2015). However, for Issa education was stressed and she was awarded an educational scholarship to UNC from Gambia. It was there that she met her husband. She is bitterly disappointed that she did not finish her education, but got married and had a baby too soon. Her family took the collectivist view that sending Issa to the US was best for the family. She feels that she let her family down by not finishing her education. Issa did not want to leave Gambia, but did what she was told. I believe in Gambia as well as most other places, “informal education from one’s senior family members is seen as critically important alongside the priority of rigorous, formal education in these places” (Livermore, 2015). Learning from elders is a way of life in most cultures and a valuable way to pass life lessons…

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