I Believe The Purposes Of Education Is A Future For Our Country

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USING THIS TEMPLATE: Provide your updated responses to the following prompts:
1. I believe the purposes of education are….
The purpose of education is to create a future for our country. Education is the first stepping stone to making a future that we as people have advanced in. It is the things that we learn so that we can do something for ourselves down the road. Education is something that we will keep with us forever, so it is very important that we take our studies seriously. When you learn something you are expanding upon every possibility of everyday for your future.
2. I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and learn in certain ways. Some of these are….
Every child will learn somethings better in their own ways. With this being said it is seemingly impossible to teach every child at their maximum potential. With the way that we teach children today we try and cover as much information for our children as possible so that they can potentially learn the most from your teachings. Typically the types of learning for children are things like being physical and hands on learning. They learn through taking action and through less of reading a book. The other side of that learning spectrum is exactly how it sounds. They learn from hitting the books hard and taking in the information, and less from doing something hands on.
3. The curriculum all of the activities and experiences of my classroom, should include certain…

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