I Became Best Friends With A Special Person Essay

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My “Bestfriend”

“ So you won’t talk to me?” I asked him. He smiled down at the floor and nodded his head. He took a seat a couple of seats away from me. Whoever knew that a school bus could be a start of a friendship? I definitely did not, but this is how it all started.

On August 11th, 2011, I became best friends with a special person. His name was William. He had been there before for me whenever my silly young age relationship ended. Then, Unexpectedly in sixth grade I started riding his bus. We would talk and talk, and sometimes I didn’t even realize that we had stopped at the middle school to drop off the younger kids. Our conversations would go from our day before to our plans for the weekend. He made me forget about my problems and would always bring a smile to my face. If he had a bag of chips he would share, and yes, sometimes he was selfish, but at the end he would always share some anyways.

William was the shy type of guy, and he had bushy black hair. He was quite tall too, ( I mean everyone was taller than me back then). He would treat me just like a little sister. He would be very protective and he adored me very much. He was a listening ear, and he listened to whatever I had to say. My happiness was in his hands.

The feeling that William would make me get is unexplainable. William was very special to me, and I did anything for him. We both grew up rapidly ,and some things started changing. My family had begun to have…

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