I Am Sam ( 2002 ) Essay

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I am Sam (2002), is a film directed by Jessie Nelson that provides us the story of a man who fights to regain custody of his daughter after raising her for seven years alone as a single parent. We are shown the struggles and conflicts that the main character encounters due to having developmental disabilities and the state thinking they know what is best welfare of a child. This film portrays the importance of family and love and what it means to be a “good” parent. It also portrays the importance of having a good support system and with perseverance anything can be accomplish when you have determination to be the best parent you can be no matter the obstacles.
Movie Setting and Story The setting of this story revolves around the life of Sam Dawson (Sean Penn) living in Los Angeles, CA in the 1990s. He is an intellectual disabled man who has the learning capacity of a seven-year child. Sam is employed at Starbucks and is a devoted Beatles fan. He fathers a baby girl who he names Lucy Diamond with a homeless woman who abandons both of them by leaving him to raise this child alone. Although, Sam has some development disabilities he is able to work and still take care of his daughter. With the help of his friends and his neighbor Annie, Sam and his daughter Lucy Diamond (Dakota Fanning) remain under the radar until one unfortunate event put them under investigation with the state’s child protection agency. Lucy Diamond Dawson as mentioned before is Sam Dawson…

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