I Am Responsible For The Nursing Care Essay

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As the population shifts to the point that there are more patients than nurses in the workforce it is essential that healthcare becomes more effective, efficient, economical, and safe (Wilson, Whitaker, & Whitford, 2012). As a director of nursing I am responsible for the nursing care, staff and budget. In my discussion I will discuss three business principles that will allow my company to remain finically sound while still providing quality, safe, and effective nursing. The first business principle of great importance is to set goals, without setting goals you do not know where you want to be or if you actually are where you want to be. As nurses we continually write goals in our care plans. Much like care plan goals, business goals also need to be appropriate, attainable to the resources and care setting, include a time frame, provide direction, and be measureable (Tabloski, 2014). By looking at quality indicators I can see where my facility stands in nursing care aspects such as falls, increased need for help, urinary tract infections, behaviors affecting others, use of anti-psychotic medications and much more. Also I can view the long term care, five star rating to see where I align with other long term care facilities in my state. The five star rating is a rating system about quality in nursing homes. The system uses health inspections, staffing ratios and quality measures to determine your rating for all to see (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,…

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