I Am Planning On Majoring Of Music Education Essay

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Christopher Demas received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Louisiana State University. He has been working for the Monahans High School and junior high bands for four years as an assistant director. He directs the junior high concert band and the high school symphonic band. I decided to interview one of my directors since I’m planning on majoring in music education myself. I walked into the band hall feeling a bit intrigued and excited. I found Mr. Demas in his office, entered, and began the interview. I started the interview by asking Mr. Demas “How many writing assignments were needed in order to receive your degree?” Mr. Demas pauses for a bit, then starts to explain how scripted lessons were assigned more than research essays in the music courses. “The writing wasn 't necessarily in depth research based but it was lengthy”, he proclaims. He explains that he would have to video his lessons, pull them apart, and write about what he saw. “Just with that I was writing between seven to ten page single spaced papers. So that would be around fourteen to twenty pages, double spaced”. I asked “How much would you say you wrote in your writing classes?” Mr. Demas cheerfully claims he tested out of one of his writing classes due to his ACT score, but he did take an argumentative class his freshman year. This class was fairly easy for him as he claims “I never had to write more than a five page paper.” “I took that freshman year and never had to write for an English…

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