Essay on I Am My Great Grandma Leonarda

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I interviewed my great grandma Leonarda, she was born in Mexico, 1918. When she was a little girl she didn’t play much, at that time kids had to work in the corn fields in order to provide money for food and shealter. But when she was able to have some free time, she loved to play hide and go seek and run to one to another to see who could run the fastest with her siblings near the fields. My Nana (as I like to call her) didn’t have enough money to buy brand new toys, but her mother was an amazing seamstress and she was able to make a doll out of old garments. My Nana loved that doll, she would take it with her everywhere she went to, she would even hid it under her dress while she worked. That doll stayed with her even after she got married, unfortunately while she was washing her clothes, it fell down the river and she never saw it again.
My Nana worked so much, she wasn’t able to go to school, so she never learned how to read or write. Therefore she didn’t have a favorite book, what she did have were stories told by her mother. She said her favorite one was about a little girl who dreamed of flying. It went like this, “While a she worked every day and night she would look up at the sky and wish to god that she could go up in the sky and fly just like the birds, to not be worried about anything and just let every sorrow and sadness go. One day while she was picking out the corns and looking up at the sky, she didn’t realize that there was a snake. With a single bite from…

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