Frances Escobar Gonzales: A Case Study

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On December 1st, 2015, I decided to interview my Grandmother Frances Escobar Gonzales. She is 65 years old from Colton, California. Frances has one sister (Sylvia Escobar Barraza), and three brothers ( George Escobar, William Escobar, and David Escobar). Frances currently lives in Colton with her husband Edward (Eddie) Gonzales. Growing up Frances. Currently, she does not live near any cousins, aunts or uncles; But growing up her favorite Aunt was Tia Nena. Frances noted that Nena was very funny, giving, caring, and helpful. Frances also said her favorite cousin was Olga because they practically grew up together always being at each others house. Also because Olga was very giving, loving, spiritual, and respectful. Frances frequently spends …show more content…
It probably would look like Michaels, HomeGoods, Target, Pier 1, and Bed Bath and Beyond combined of Christmas decorations. But that is not only the reason why she loves christmas; Her father David Escobar’s birthday is December 24th. Frances went on to say “my Dad made all of us buy christmas presents for him but he also wanted birthday presents also, and every christmas was special because it was a big party”. On christmas Frances and mostly the women of our family get together hours before the whole family shows up and starts making christmas dinner. Our christmas dinner consists of, ham, turkey, scallop potatoes, rolls, and pumpkin pie. She also noted that this dinner has been a tradition ever since she was a little girl. Lastly I asked Frances what is her favorite christmas song and she responded the christmas song by Nat King …show more content…
My Grandmother is not that old being 65 but she had to experience being poor growing up, having a job at an early age and growing up very quick being the oldest child. It also brought me closer to my Grandmother, her and I have always been very close but listening to her answers made me appreciate every thing she does for people because she is such a wonderful and caring person. This interview taught me to appreciate the little things because those are the things that stick to a person. My Grandma did not have to go to my cousins and I’s sports activities, I know some people where they see there Grandma every once in a while. But its a real blessing to have such a wonderful Grandmother, she really shaped the person I am

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