I Am My First Semester Essay

807 Words Apr 28th, 2016 4 Pages
This was my first semester in this college. I had never studied English as intensely as I did in this semester. This is the essay where I look back on my English 111 College Writing 1 course and find my takeaway. Well, the most important thing that I have come to know about English is that we get more creative, we take risks; we demonstrate our knowledge and interest for the subject when we forget about the grade on the top of the paper. I truly appreciate the growth that I have gone through in this class and also never-ending efforts which were made and a lot of opportunities that were provided by the professor Ruth Khowais.
Each writer has their strengths and weaknesses. Usually, my strengths are overweighed by my weaknesses. The thing which I really struggled with was the length of the essay. Every time, when I wrote any paper, its length was always much more than suggested. Whereas, after taking this class, I had been able to reduce it to a notable extent. But still, I think that I need some improvement in this area of writing. Turning towards my strengths, I think that I can work on any type of paper without any type of hesitation, if properly guided and if enough resources are provided. I had seen some people who don’t like to write at all. But, that’s not the issue with me. I can write as much as required but I need ample time and also, proper guidance to check if I am doing it in the proper way or not.
From the very starting, this class has given me new challenges…

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