I Am Left With A Blue Cloth Inside Of The Body Cavity Essay

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My hands were retracting away long segments of bowel with a blue cloth inside of the body cavity while the surgeon dissected through healthy tissue to reach underlying structures. My hands feel the patient’s blood pressure bounding against the vessels that have delivered oxygen and nutrients to his vital organs for 19 short years. My hands reach for the tubes that the surgeon will use to canalize the aorta. Foresight is important in surgery, so I am prepared for the next step with him. The surgeon finds the correct landmarks to clamp the aorta and the cross clamping time is called out to everyone in the operating room. The surgeon’s words hang in the air as there is one less beating heart amongst us. The sound of the heart rate monitor ceases, and we are left with the white noise of the suction machine.

Taking part in the process of procuring organs and the transplant itself as a medical student has changed my outlook of life and death in indescribable ways. Although I am left with complicated, unanswered questions, I believe these experiences have made my career rich and full of purpose. Now, at the advent of pursuing surgical clinical medicine, I am taking the time at Columbia University to explore the legal, social, scientific and historical bioethical challenges that I will face as a physician with my future patients and esteemed colleagues.

In my four years of medical training, I feel that I have only made a small drop in the ocean that is my career.…

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