What Are The Pros And Cons Of Organ Transplants

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A wise philosopher, writer, and composer of the eighteenth century once said, “We care about life only when we realize its value” which connects to organ transplants because people often do not realize the preciousness of their lives until it is possible that they will no longer have one (Rousseau). This very depressing realization can be easily made better with organ transplants. They save the lives of so many people who otherwise would completely suffer through organ failure and pass away slowly and painfully, which is such a terrible way to die. Kidney, heart, and liver transplants are most common and are now practiced routinely by modern day surgeons. With that in mind, the first organ transplant occurred over sixty years ago, so there …show more content…
One of the biggest problems with organ transplantation has been known to be the waiting list; however, it will not be a problem much longer. Scientists at the Gene Expression Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, among other places, are beginning to work towards using stem cells to create replacement parts for people. They are looking to use animals and to grow their organs into human organs to be able to transplant into people. This is going to solve the problem of the extensive waiting list for organs so that people will no longer die before getting the chance to receive their properly functioning organ (Izpisúa Belmonte, Juan Carlos). Even with the waiting list problem, there are still tons of people who receive organs every single day and live long enough to do so. They are working rapidly on this study because “If successful, this approach could have enormous implications for organ-transplant therapies. Waiting lists could become a thing of the past as we develop a bountiful supply of replacement parts from farm animals for tens of thousands of suffering people around the world” (Izpisúa Belmonte, Juan Carlos). Another reason people do not support these surgeries is that there are some negative side effects such as scars, being in post surgery pain, or the new organ not syncing with the body it goes into. However, those are small things to deal with at the cost of keeping one’s life. It is so much better to stay alive with scars and some pain that will be treated and eventually go away completely than it is to die. Also, it is better to take the chance to save someone’s life with the risk that it will not work than it is to just sit and wait to die eventually anyways. People also argue that there are better

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