I Am From Cub My Life Essay example

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I love to write about my life and how a came to this wonderful country and finally how I finished living in Miami. This was some time ago, back in 2000. I’m from Cuba. In general everybody from Cuba likes to come to Miami. But in my case I never thought it could happen to me, since I did not have any family in this country also I was a young girl living happily with my family.
One day, I remember that was May 5 of 1999, day of my birthday. I had only 20 years old; my father came to my brother and me and tells us that he found a way to get out from Cuba. It was a big surprise to us. At that moment and without thinking twice I said to him: I want to leave with you please!! Meanwhile my brother, who was younger than me, started crying refusing to leave our mom behind. Six months later we have flying to New Jersey. And there I began my adventure. I had an inexplicable confusion of feelings, fear and excitation flooded me, and I felt happy but also sad to leave my beloved mother and my little brother in Cuba. I was crossing a quiet life with my loved ones to something completely strange to me. All I had near and dear to me was my father, because we also came with his wife and her daughter, who was my age. Fortunately we got along very well and my new life started. My dear mother and my only brother left behind heartbroken and thinking that they would not see me anymore, that 's the saddest part of my story.
Then as we settled in a small apt in a suburban zone in Union City, NJ…

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