I Am Driving Home From A Late Night Soccer Practice Essay

1004 Words May 3rd, 2015 5 Pages
I’m driving home from a late night soccer practice in Boston. From my house to Boston it’s about a 45-minute drive. Seeing as I forgot the IPod hook up for my car I was in a frustrating predicament of either choosing to drive in silence, which I hate doing, or turn on the radio. I opted to turn on the radio and attempt to find a station that actually plays decent music. In my area the main stations are Kiss 108, Jam’n 94.5, Mix 104.1, Radio 92.9, and Country 102.5. Kiss 108 is primarily a top 40 station where they play all the most popular songs on repeat throughout the entire day. Seeing as I am really not a big fan of today’s popular music, I searched my options. Ultimately, I end up deciding to go with Mix 104.1. From past experience I remember this station playing a good variety of 80’s and 90’s music, which I have always enjoyed. So I switch on the channel and to my disappointment, the overly auto tuned voice of Miley Cyrus comes fleeting to my ears. Confused, I decide to switch to another station that I used to listen to before the luxurious IPod car attachments were created. I turn the radio knob to Radio 92.9 hoping to hear some Green Day or Third Eye Blind. Nope, instead the Katy Perry hit “Extraterrestrial” comes blasting through my speakers. In the end, I give up and sit in silence for the rest of the drive home, wondering what has happened to all the good music in the world. Today it seems like all music sounds the same. Add some auto tuned vocals, some catchy…

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