I Am At Tri County Career Center Of A Junior And Senior English Classroom

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I am currently placed at Tri County Career Center in a junior and senior English classroom. The first two periods of my day is co- taught with a general education English teacher. First period is junior English, and second period is senior English. These two classrooms are very different and it is really interesting for myself as a future educator, to observe how these different classrooms respond and need different things from different co-teaching models. My first class of the day is very high energy and motivated, so my teacher and the general educator plan journals and games to keep their energy up. From what I have observed, my mentor teacher and the general educator both bring in their different creative sides to make the content that they are teaching fun and interesting.

Something that I really noticed is that although my mentor teacher and the co teacher are different, they play off each other strengths and weaknesses very well. Something that I really like about their co-teaching method is that they work side by side on every lesson to see how they can best reach their students full potential. They both share the duty of planning and teaching lessons that are interactive and fun for the students. My mentor teacher and her respective counterpart have their teaching ways set up so that one supports one day and teaches another and Vis versa. Both teachers in my co taught classrooms bring different strengths and weaknesses and it is very beneficial for the students…

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