I Am An Introvert - Original Writing Essay

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I am an introvert. There, I said it. I am a complete wallflower at parties, even ones that I am hosting. I prefer to hide out in a remote corner or the kitchen, whichever has fewer people near it. I have been an introvert as long as I can remember. I am no good at sports. I can’t strip an engine down and rebuild it. My social graces are lacking, to put it mildly. Small talk either eludes me or drives me crazy. But words, as long as I don’t have to say them to other people, have always been a safe place for me. Reading and writing have been my shelter in the storm of my life for as long as I can remember. I remember very little of my early childhood. I remember roller skating around our block. I remember going to Curly’s to get my favorite candy bar and a Pepsi, in a glass bottle, no less. And I remember asking my mom to get me The Poky Little Puppy. We were at the store, probably a Kroger, and there was a rack of Golden Books at the end of one of the aisles. I would stop and look every time we walked by the rack. Knowing how I was when I was younger, I’m sure that I badgered my poor mother until she thought the best way to get me to relent was to buy me the book I so desperately wanted. I can’t recall why I wanted that book so badly, but I did want it. I read that book more times than I could count then. When I escaped into the book, I didn’t have to think about my brother picking on me or the money problems we were facing as a family. Reading was…

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