I Am An Athletic Training Student At Buena Vista University Essay

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On most days, I did not like doing my mindfulness practice. I felt as if it was just this minor annoyance I just had to get done and out of the way every day. The majority of the time I was trying to be mindful it would just result in me stressing over things that I still had to accomplish in school, my social life, or athletics. There were often times in my average uneventful days in which I enjoyed doing the mindfulness practice, but on the rare occasion in which my day would turn negatively, that I felt mindfulness had its biggest impact on me. I honestly think that because in my life it is often when things are going badly that I tend to blow minor problems into a greater level than they actually deserve. So, when I would do this being mindful would always bring my mind to ease and remind me that things are much simpler than I make them seem. As you may know, I am an Athletic Training student here at Buena Vista University and because of this I have to the class Upper Extremity Evaluation (Upper). This class done by a professor who has never taught it before and, as expected, there has been some bumps along the way. Two of the most distinct lowest parts of my semester have come due to this class and in both of these times mindfulness has come in to save me from my own thoughts. By midterm this semester I had been practicing mindfulness for a while and had even been moving my five minutes of mindfulness early in the day so I could start my day off on the right foot.…

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