I Am America ( And So Can You ! ) Essay

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“I don’t like books, they’re all fact, no heart” -Stephen Colbert. As ironic as this quote may seem it is another example of Stephen Colbert’s comedic style, thick satire. “I Am America (And So Can You!)” is another fantastic presentation of Colbert’s conservative capitalist character already shown on the Colbert Report. The book addresses issues that Americans face as adults and current issues facing the nation, plus a note to the future. All these issues are taken on with humor and satire so as to make big issues less intimidating and almost menial. I have to say I struggle to find something that I don’t like in this hilarious book. Which is why I am excited to now present a synopsis of the book.
Presenting this like parody of all other modern American memoirs and autobiographies, Colbert breaks the book into three parts: “My American Childhood”, “My American Adolescence”, and “My American Maturity”. Each of these include side commentary in the margins of the book, and the visual aid of comedic pseudoscience graphs made by Colbert. In the following section I’ll briefly describe the chapters placed under the three major parts (Seen above). “My American Childhood” contains chapters on: The Family, Old People, Animals, and Religion. In ‘Family’ Colbert informs how a conservative American male should act as a strong emotionless father who sleeps with a 9mm under his pillow, also how to treat family members from cousins to grandparents. ‘Old People’ takes a jab at…

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