I Am A Woman Of Mixed Ethnicities Essay

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I am a woman of mixed ethnicities. My father is African American and my mother is European American. Black and white to give you a visual. Both were born in the United States, but my mother had past relatives who were from other places. On my mother’s side, my grandfather is German, blue eyes and blonde hair, well white now. My grandmother is Jewish, Irish and Swedish. My great grandmother and some relatives of hers, fled Germany during the Holocaust and came here to start a new life. It was said that she had numbers tattooed on her arms from the camps. My grandparents met in Iowa and married at a young age. Only a few members spoke German, I don’t believe any of them do now. My grandmother, well I don’t know much about her side of the family actually. I know she doesn’t speak anything but English and so does her siblings. I grew up around my grandmother’s side, with her brother and sister, Uncle Dennis and Janelle. That side of my family didn’t have much culture or traditions being celebrated or exhibited. Although, I do remember a time when I lived in Spokane, Washington just with my mother and sister. My mother took my sister and me to a party, a Jewish party I believe, where we helped prepare and cook the food. We had to tightly wrap the meat and vegetable mix in lettuce and place it in the oven to broil. Then there was the dancing, where they cross their arms and squat while flinging one leg up at a time. It was a faint memory, but still there. That was my first…

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