Essay on I Am A Teacher For My Student

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Ring! Ring! The sound of the school bell goes off and students are rushing through my door to learn. The fulfillment of students in the classroom excites me in my pedagogy of teaching, although it took a heavy load of time and personal will power to mold myself into a pre-service teacher in the community of San Antonio. Being the best teacher for my students would be like winning the Olympics each day I taught my students and in order to do that I learned by volunteering to join the best leadership skills I could learn from the United States Army three years ago. Nevertheless, I have overcome roadblocks along the way in my progression as an undergrad. Being a first year college student from my family meant that I had a heavy amount of support from family, but financial my wallet began to look empty as if its feelings were sad as I progressed through my undergraduate years. Despite the hardship, I found a purpose in life by teaching students in the community of San Antonio and give them the best education. When I look down at my future college ring it will remind me about my purpose of educating the youth and making a difference in their life. All the characteristics about myself will each share a significance aspect of me through the reflection of the president’s university ring from Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMUSA).
The Purpose of Leadership First, the purpose of leadership as a professional and as a civilian is to have respect for others and…

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