Essay on I Am A Newly Qualified Social Worker

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Career Review

I am a Newly Qualified Social Worker (NQSW) employed by the London Borough of Newham Children and Young People’s Service; in the Intervention team. The purpose of the intervention team is to offer children and families, longer term support following an assessment of their needs, in accordance with the Children’s Act 1984 (CA1984).

In my role I have gained a varied experience of statutory responsibilities of children, within a children social care setting; as my caseload consists of Children in Need, Child Protection, Looked After Children, , and court proceedings. (CA, 1989)

A key aspect to my NQSW experience is the process of ‘critical reflection’. By reflecting on my learning and practice, I have been able to identify my strengths, challenge weaknesses and further develop my skills. According to Bolton “Reflective practice is a process of learning and developing through examining our own practice, opening our practice to scrutiny by others, and studying texts from the wider sphere.” (Bolton, 2001, p.4)

I developed my critical reflective practice skills during supervision, where I had the opportunity to discuss practice issues, which included discussions on caseload management, accountability, social work ethics and values, anti-oppressive practice and my feelings.

Although I explored multiple models of reflection during my first year as an NQSW, the model of reflection that I found most useful was Schon’s theory of reflection (Schon, 2002). Schon…

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