Essay about I Am A Multimodal Learning

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Fingerprints are unique to everyone, a similar claim can be made about learning styles, however there are some differences. Learning styles, unlike fingerprints, can be the same between two people and according to Fleming and Mills (1992), are generally classified under four types: visual, aural, read/write, and kinesthetic, known as VARK. With these types, according to Fleming (2016), being used to define the most effective and efficient way for a person to learn, which could only be one of these types or multiple. In my case, I am a multimodal learning, meaning that I learn best under a multitude of circumstances, specifically read/write, visual, and aural.
For myself and others with the ability to learn under a multitude of circumstances there are many options to pursue, but one must first understand what the results of a VARK questionnaire mean. As stated by Fleming and Baume (2006), “VARK above all is designed to be a starting place for a conversation among teachers and learners about learning”, meaning that both teachers and learners can and should discuss results. Building upon this, looking on the VARK about page by Fleming (2016), it should be noted that learns taking the VARK questionnaire should provide information that pertains to their learning, not what they prefer to do outside of learning, while also keeping in mind that what they might prefer is not the same as what they might excel in. With this in mind while completing the questionnaire the results…

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