Essay on I Am A Friend Of Mine

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There are many factors that overall contribute to my decision to take this course. First, a close friend of mine, who has previously taken this course, has shared with me many interesting knowledges that he had after taking this course. I was strongly inspired to take this course, because I believed that I would be able to learn and expose to various knowledge in the psychology field from this class as much as he did. Second, I realize that the way the course is designed and planned is convenient and flexible that almost any college student can take it outside of class without much time constraints. As the class is designed as a self-pace course, the progress of the course depends mostly on the students rather than the instructor like in most of the tradition classroom. Eventually, this course gives me more opportunities and options to plan my schedule in the way that works the most efficiently to me. I can either study and work ahead of time or progress a little bit slowly when I need to study for exams in other classes. I can schedule to study and work when I am at my peak energy, whether it is late at night or early in the morning, which allows me to get the most out of this course. Also, course material is always available and accessible online, thus, helps me more flexible with my time and schedule. The convenience and flexibility that this course provide enhances the possibility to achieve success in this class.

The first motivation that initiates my interest for…

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