I Am A First Generation Of The United States From South Korea

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I am a first generation immigrant to the United States from South Korea. While my ethnic identity is Korean, I consider my cultural identity a blend of both American and Korean as my cultural experiences have occurred in the United States while my roots lie within Korea. Considering my family’s origins as a whole, my family has resided in Korea. It was the decision of my immediate family to move to the United States for better opportunities. The Korean culture’s unique foods have been around my household as I grew up, but we did not continue with any particular celebrations nor customs during our time in the United States at home.
Growing up in a moderate town of Columbus, Georgia, we faced the issue of being a minority race and ethnicity in our city. We were not privy to the ingredients commonly found at a Korean grocery store but had to adapt and learn in the new setting. Our family faced a particular barrier due to our inability to initially speak the language at all. In fact, no one in my family knew English upon our arrival. We resided with far-distant family in the area, but we were still helpless on our own in the public. Such distinction, beyond the physical differences of being Asian, prevented us from socializing with our neighbors or communicating our desires and needs at schools as well. Cultural differences would sometimes result in being in trouble at school for reasons we were unable to quite comprehend at the time.
My immediate family history of educational…

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