I Am A Child Of A Broken Home Essay

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A Broken Home
As a child I often had more than one birthday party a year, five to six Christmases, andmultiple other holidays. To any other child that sounded like the greatest thing in the world and they wished they could do this as well. I can promise those children though, its not what it’s all panned out to be. I am a child of a broken marriage. My childhood wasn’t about me and what was best for me it was about my parents and them wanting perfection. I didn’t get the fairytale family I got put into a split family seeking perfection.
Like Julie, I was a child living a life with divorced parents. Unlike Julie who lived with just her mom, I moved back and forth from one parent’s house to the others. I learned very quickly that it was hard to keep everything organized. Having to go back and forth, back and forth, I couldn’t keep everything in line. I would have half my school work at one house than have no clothes to wear at the other. This was a big deal not having my own way of transportation I couldn’t have access to all of my possessions at once and I had to plan for a whole week at a time at a very young age. Moving back and forth was rough on me and taught me how to become organized at a young age.
Julie just wanted attention from her parents and I wanted the same. Not getting the attention she needed from her mom she tried seeking it in other ways. She was adventurous and looked for it in a boy. In a way I felt I wasn’t getting the attention I needed either, but I…

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