Hypothesis Testing Essay

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Before being able to fully understand hypothesis testing and the five steps involved in the complete process, one must first understand what a hypothesis and a hypothesis test is and why it is used. To begin with, a hypothesis, when involved in statistics, is an idea which could be set in the form of an assumption or a theory that shows the characteristics of a single or even multiple variables of a single or group of populations (Aron, Aron & Coups, 2009). These ideas or predictions need to be explored so as to give them validation, possibly creating further research, or these ideas need to be shown to be invalid, thus saving time by not putting more research into an idea that shows itself to be incorrect, however, sometimes an invalid …show more content…
al.., 2009). Simply stated, one cancels out the other, so to speak. In this step, the populations are now identified. In the research project that team C conducted, the effects of driving with sleep deprivation was theorized.
The second step involves the determination of the characteristics of the comparison distribution (Aron et. al., 2009). The comparison distribution is the situation of the population being tested if the null hypothesis is proven to be correct, then this distribution is compared to the scores found based on the results of the population sampled. This step is where the null hypothesis is clearly defined and the population of the comparison distribution is clearly shown. The null hypothesis is important because it is used to make an attempt at demonstrating that there is no difference between variables or that a single variable is equal to zero. This hypothesis is considered valid until information collected proves it false and an alternative hypothesis is used. It is the null hypothesis that a researcher is attempting to disprove or reject (Aron et. al., 2009).
The third step involves calculating the cutoff sample score (also called the critical value) in order to see if the null hypothesis can be rejected. This is done by showing if the sample score reaches or exceeds the comparison distribution which if that were to happen, the null hypothesis would be

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