College Student Victims And Reporting Crime Essay

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The subject I based my articles on was crime on college campuses. The first article I chose is called College Student Victims and Reporting Crime to the Police. A quick summary about this article is that crime reporting is a big problem on college campuses because people often do not like to report crimes. The article is based on a survey conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada and talks about the results from the findings and what determines people to report a crime.
As stated the bases of this article is based on a survey and its findings. Surveys are an important aspect to quantitative methods. There are several aspects in this article that makes up the methodology. The survey was done from a systematic random sample of college students that were enrolled at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with 160 students being selected. This also is a great of example of the sampling method that they used because you want to avoid being bias when selecting people for the survey. The next step is the data collection. There are three aspects to the survey or questionnaire. The first section is about the demographics, the second section pertained to social control, and the last section consisted of a hypothetical victimization and if they would report the crime. When the survey was passed out to the participants the questions were randomized and there were different versions to try to prevent biases. The study done is cross-sectional because the data was collected all at once even though it…

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