Egg Carton Hypothesis

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Introduction Egg cartons can be made from foam, plastic, or recycled paper; they are designed to keep eggs from breaking when they are transported from one place to another. Sadly, they do a very poor job of keeping eggs safe if a carton of eggs is accidently dropped. Nobody likes it when they buy a carton of eggs only to accidently drop it on the way home. Finding most of their eggs broken and egg yolk leaking everywhere when they open the carton. I decided to try and figure out if another type of material could work to protect an egg from a fall better than a normal egg carton.
II. Problem
Can another type of material protect an egg from a six-foot drop better than an egg carton?
III. Explanation of topic
An egg can easily break when
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Hypothesis Everyday materials can work better than an egg carton when an egg is dropped from a six-foot fall.
V. Basis for Hypothesis
There have been times, when we have bought eggs at the store, only to have someone drop them. While, the egg carton did protect the eggs, multiple eggs still broke. When my family paints Easter eggs, we set them in a basket filled with paper Easter grass. Last year, my mom dropped the basket of eggs while carrying it to the kitchen and all the eggs survived. This got me wondering if common household items can protect eggs better than an egg carton in the case of a fall.
VI. Procedure I used a kitchen food scale to measure out 32 ounces of each of the variables: mini marshmallows, uncooked long-grain instant white rice, Frosted Flakes cereal, paper Easter grass, jumbo cotton balls, and pine wood shavings. Once each item was weighed I placed it into a large Ziploc plastic bag and labeled
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If you squeeze the lever the claw will close, when you release it, it opens)
• 7 1-liter food storage containers

VII. Manipulated Variable The manipulated variable were the different materials that were used to protect the egg. The materials used were mini marshmallows, jumbo cotton balls, uncooked, long-grain, instant white rice, pine wood shavings, paper Easter grass and Frosted Flakes cereal.
VIII. Control Samples I placed an egg into the foam egg carton and dropped the carton from the height of six feet into the 56-quart plastic storage tub. I did this process three times.
IX. Constants The amount of manipulated variable used for each trial was 32 ounces.
The eggs were dropped from a measured height of 6 feet. The claw grabber was taped to the ladder to ensure the eggs were dropped from a height of 6 feet.
A cardboard chute was used to allow the eggs to fall in as straight of a line as possible and to ensure the eggs made it into the plastic container at the end of their drop.
The eggs were stood upright, to make sure they all started their drop in the same position.
The experiment was done inside the garage, to avoid weather related issues that could affect the

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