Essay on Hypnosis Is A Trance Like State

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At a glance, hypnosis is a fun way to see your friends do ridiculous things that they’d never do in their right mind. But there’s much more to hypnosis than making chicken noises and dancing in front of a crowd of people. By definition, hypnosis “is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration” (Mayo). Hypnosis has been proven to be helpful in coping with anxiety or pain that one is experiencing. In this process called hypnotherapy, also known as medical hypnosis, a therapist would put the patient in a trance to help them relieve any pain that they may be experiencing, whether it be physical or psychological (Beattie). There’s a whole other side to hypnosis that some people don’t even know exists, but it plays an important role in patients’ lives.
Hypnotherapy can be done for a number of reasons. One use of hypnosis is to decrease stress and relax the patient (Hypnotherapy). This can be especially useful in an emergency room, or a dentist’s office before having work down on them. The doctors need their patients to be calm and still, so that they don’t mess up. Hypnotherapy can also relieve feelings of anxiety and pain (Hypnotherapy). For instance, studies have shown that the people who were put under hypnosis before surgery could withstand more pain compared to those who didn’t (Hypnotherapy). Since hypnotherapy takes away most of the pain, there is less of a need for medication. Along with reducing stress and pain, there are many other conditions…

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