Summary: Hypersexualization Of Black In Hiphop Culture

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This paper is going to explore the hypersexualization of black in hiphop culture ,the stereotypes and also using beyonce and Nick Minaj as examples of this issue.
Hiphop is a music genre that I founfd to be very much male dominated and with females in this industry there are a number of issues that arise. For a very long time, the perception and portatyal of women have been manupilated by the men as well the media. Women have generally between texploited in the process but in this particular in north America . this essay howeveris going to focus on black women are thestereotypes attached to them.
Black women are described as sexually charged women whowill please any man willing to sleep with them. White women on the other hand are portrayed
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even when they are featured in a male artists video,they are in a same position or taking money from him, riding in car,swimmimg in his pool and fightling on him with other females another semi naked. The representation of black women is always centered around their sexualty and how demeaning themselves to make a man feel like he has control. Hip hop artists like Nicki Minaj and Beyonce and strippers like are some black women who try to take own this image by taking on the stereotype …show more content…
This can be seen as a continuous occurance ; when a new trend comes it usual catches on especially with women and exposing their bodies. T although there were a part of femiinsim fighting for women to seen as more than their bodies, there is another part exposing their bodies but saying they are going for themselves because they are sexually liberated with I find vert contradictory because ,they are going what the publc ants to see but apparently not for them but for their own empowerment
This puts an entire strain on the race and sex because it is hard for a black woman to say they are not going to revealing but also not want to labelled as a good girl.
The qbjectification of women is a historic thing which originated from the times of slavery when . the mainstream media is usually controlled by the white man who were the same people who had the power to determine the sexuality of black woman.
Solution; to encourage other aritsts to talk about other topics in the society. The women with the spotlight on them can use it as an opportunity to spread a different message. This will shift them entire perceotion held by the society of black women,more positive messages. Being able to control what is shown on

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