Hybrid Cars : A Hybrid Car Essay

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Hybrid Cars
A hybrid car is one that uses more than one engine, mostly two or more. It may contain an eclectic motor and a convectional engine that can either be using petrol or diesel. The electric engine is responsible for powering the car during low speeds whereas the gas engine powers the car in high speeds only. Some of these hybrid cars for example the Toyota Prius and the Civic Hybrid produces less emissions of carbon dioxide in addition to the less fuel consumption rate. The lack of knowledge concerning this type of cars has limited their usage by people in the country. Most individuals are not aware how the hybrid cars operate and if they are good as any other car that uses gasoline (Cignini, 2014).
Since the invention of such cars in the 1900s, manufacturing companies have now made it possible for citizens to acquire the different models at affordable prices. Governments around the world have create incentive programs that utilizes credits and discounts to support the purchasing of hybrid cars. Currently cities in developed countries are switching the public transportation systems into hybrid cars and buses as an initiative program to form a more environmental stable conditions in the cities and towns (Fricke and Frost, 2012).
However, individuals that do not have the proper understandings of these types of cars mistake hybrid vehicles with electric cars. The distinguishing feature between the two types of cars is that the hybrid model often uses…

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