Hurricanes : Natural Disasters Affect The Lives Of Human Beings

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All over the world, natural disasters affect the lives of human beings. Hurricanes are one of these. Hurricanes are “named for Huracan, the Carib god of evil” (Rosenberg 1). These storms blow violent winds and ravage everything in their path. Hurricanes destroy property, land, and lives of the people that are affected by them. However, hurricanes can often bring out the best in people. In times of isolation and despair after a hurricane, people come together. Race, social class, and religion no longer matter in this time of hopelessness. The world comes together and brings out the best of our country. Hurricanes are ghastly occurrences that destroy the lives and property of many, but an inner light keeps hope among the people.
A hurricane does not just appear. “Meteorologists call the first stage in the life of a hurricane a tropical disturbance” (Morris 8). This is the stage in which the thunderstorm clouds begin to form. The warm air begins to rise off the sea, causing it to cool. Cool air isn’t as capable as warmer air to hold water vapor, so the clouds begin to form. “The second stage is called a tropical depression (Morris 9). In this stage, winds begin to blow in circular patterns. The more the winds blow in these patterns, the more warm air they start to accumulate. Once these winds reach a certain speed, thirty-eight miles per hour, the storm is now considered a tropical storm. At this point, the storm “keeps its name, but changes its designation…” (Morris 10). For…

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