Hurricanes : Cause And Effect Essay

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Hurricanes: Cause and Effect
Hurricanes can do major damage when they make landfall. They are discussed, analyzed and tracked for weeks. Meteorologist even give them a name. They typically never hit land, but just in case they do we all have an eye on them. Wherever they hit there will be astronomical damage. If you ask anyone they will tell you hurricanes are devastating, life threatening and one would hope to avoid encountering at all cost. Even with that being said hurricanes aren’t all bad because they do many important jobs for the earth.
Different degrees of a storm occurs before one ever reaches a hurricane. A tropical disturbance is a pattern of wind moving like water going down a drain, causing a concentration of thunderstorm clouds. A tropical depression is a storm with both heat and cooling vapors being released, causing winds to reach up to 25 – 38 mph. A tropical storm is when winds reach 39 mph or more and the wind direction is counterclockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. A tropical cyclone winds tops 75 mph and must reach 125 miles across, causing monster storm surges. Hurricanes can be referred to by different names such as typhoons or tropical cyclones; it’s only here on the east coast are they called hurricanes. It doesn’t matter what they are called in different areas of the country, they are all the same. They have to have the perfect condition to even become a storm (Kovach and McGuire). There must be a mass of warm air and a great amount of moisture…

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