Hurricane Sandy: The Cause Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Sandy, also known as “Superstorm Sandy”, was a massive hurricane and cyclone storm that occurred on October 22nd 2012, and lasted until November 2nd. Sandy is considered to be the largest Atlantic hurricane on record (Gutner). Initally starting out as just a Category 1 tropical storm in the Caribean sea, Sandy made its way to Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, and the United States east coast border, reaching to a Category 3 strength. With its immense strength and wind power of a maxium of 115 miles-per-hour, Hurricane Sandy is sadly remembered for its mass destruction, and death toll exceeding 147 people (Hurricane Sandy Fast Facts). Along with that, as of last years statistics, Sandy’s damage to the US estimates to roughly $75 billion (Hurricane/ …show more content…
The outcome of this hurricane would be detrimental, and a tragedy that no one could ever predict. Starting off as a tropical depression in the south part of the Caribeean Sea, on the 22nd of October, quickly formed into a tropical strom, with heavy-duty 40 miles-per-hour winds. In the matter of a couple days, Hurricane Sandy was born at a Category 1 strength. Sandy started migrating up north, towards Jamaica, with winds exceeding up to 80 miles-per-hour. Although Hurricane Sandy never actually touched Haiti in the storm, it still deeply impacted the country by leaving over 20 inches of rain. This surplus in rain caused floods and mudslides, as well as over 50 deaths (Drye). By the 26th, Hurricane Sandy made its way to Cuba, destroying the ancient city, Santiago de Cuba. While demolishing most of Cuba, Sandy is almost considered to be at a Category 3 storm, by its powerful 110 miles-per-hour winds. Continuing to travel northeast, towards the US, Sandy retracks itself, falling back into a Category 1 storm, with winds as high as 80 miles-per-hour. At this point, meteroligists can predict that Sandy will transform back into a very intense storm the closer it heads towards the US. The meterolgists

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