Hurricane Matthew 's Most Vulnerable And Most Affected Victims Live

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Hurricane Matthew’s most vulnerable and most affected victims live in Haiti. Coverage of the impact, however, was not nearly as detailed as one would expect. Resources that followed both top-down and bottom-up models had placed little emphasis on the devastation in Haiti, especially in contrast with other news, such as Vice Presidential Debate. Although it was more noticeable on top-down resources, since their stories are sorted by their perceived importance in descending order on the homepage, where coverage of Haiti was far down, bottom-up resources seemed to have an amplified version of the same perspective, where information on the impact of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti had to be searched for. The connection between these two situations has remained unclear to me, however, analyzing it through negative and positive feedback framework has given me some insight into why it might have happened.
Surprisingly, news of devastation and human suffering have got significantly less attention and emotional response from readers on social media websites as well as comment sections of top-down resources. It practically eliminated positive feedback loop from the equation, since there was close to nothing written about the event in the first place. The New York Times, The Guardian, and NPR had only one article dedicated to Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, which has definitely contributed to the low attention drawn to the event in bottom-down models, as there was simply too little information…

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