Narrative Essay On A Deer Home

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An environment is a deer’s home; if they do not feel safe or welcome in that home, they will leave and find a different one. Once we had found the deer’s home, I’ve learned from my family and hunting classes that as hunters we should change it slightly to our advantage. After we scouted and found the game, it was up to us to use the resources that are in the piece of woods or field and manipulate them so that we had the best possible chance to bag a game deer. A field or a piece of open woods that deer like to travel and feel safe in is the best place to set up, which means that there has to be a good amount of cover for them to hide in, but not too much so that it’s hard for them to move through. We have a field behind our house that we …show more content…
My dad reminded me of the safe way to shoot my deer. The precaution that I had heard before many times were coming out of his mouth: aim behind the shoulder half way up, do not shoot unless you have an open shot, and to keep my finger off or the trigger until I was sure I was ready to shoot. It was the last piece to preparing for the shot; after finding the game, preparing the environment to our liking, the getting ready for the actual day, the safety was a vital piece that could not be forgotten. I knew that here and now was what I had been waiting for; as I remembered what we had done to prepare for this moment, the sun was rising. Some hunters all over the region had been doing the same things that we had to prepare, but some had not. I knew that in this moment laziness and lack of preparedness would not do well except for the lucky few, and I knew that today would be a life lesson for us all, no matter what happened. A stick that broke below me on the hill got my attention, and I started to get excited. My heart raced and after the footsteps that had seized started up again I saw the huge eight point buck, the largest deer that I had seen in real life, stop in one of the shooting lanes that we had opened, I took in a shaky breathe, lined up the crosshairs in my sights right in the spot that my dad had clearly told me to earlier, heard my breath stop, and pulled the

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