Humans Are Responsible For The Climate Change Essay

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Humans have been given most of the blame for the changing climate. This is due because of our never-ending thirst for energy and innovation. Excess use of industry and the focus of putting green in our pockets and not back into the environment help aid in climate change since 1945. Although global warming is happening humans are not solely responsible. We are part of the problem but we are not the main problem. So how are humans responsible for the climate change and how to improve it?
Coal was an easy way to power the United States of America for many years. Coal was used in World War II to power the factories in making the war machines until 1945. We say until 1945 because World War II ended. During this part in time environmentalism was cast aside. But the victory of World War II did not stop coal consumption but proceeded into the cold war. During the Cold War Russia and the United States were competing for the number one superpower in the world. We needed a cheap energy source and like always we went for coal. However there was something else on the rise. American capitalism, and it was fuelled by oil. This was due to the popularity of the car. It made transportation fast and easy. During this phase cars became a way of expressing one’s self and a beacon of American culture. In order to be known at that time, you would have owned a car. At this time in age gas and coal were relatively cheap. Fuel efficiency was not the main idea. Every one was burning fuel. Although…

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