Human Trafficking Of Juveniles Throughout Europe Essay

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Human trafficking of juveniles in Europe Human Trafficking has been a discreet worldwide issue where most have not taken a resolve. Most of the cases of Human Trafficking are about sexual exploitation due to prostitution and labor concerns. I don’t know much about the details of this problem and what goes on or how bad it is, but I have heard of it. I guess I always thought of it as an isolated thing because it wasn’t in the news all the time, but perhaps it is worse than that? I would suspect that the reasons it happens can largely be traced to economics. People who don’t have a very good economic condition are more desperate and bad people take advantage of their desperation and trap them into a horrible situation. The people who do this are bad people obviously, and choose to hurt other humans in ways that are worse than almost any others. The people who fall victim to it are victims in many ways and something should be done to help them….and not with just window dressing. Countries and individual people should pay more attention to the problem and the causes and work to eliminate both .The cause of this slavery is profit based. It is profitable to kidnap and then sell young people. Because it is illegal the profits are even greater than a normal business because the industry does not have to report its earnings or pay taxes. The operating costs of slavery are fixed (fuel, transportation, etc.) as well the variable costs of bribes to regulating officials…

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